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All Wood Hand Built Canine Cottages

At The Earl Station, our custom doghouse had to meet two conditions. First, it had to offer year round comfort to the family pet. That meant it had to be insulated to provide refuge from the elements. For extreme temperatures, we decided to offer an option for heating and air conditioning. We wanted a wooden heated dog house for winter and a wooden air conditioned dog house for summer all in one. Total all season comfort for your pet was our goal.

Our second objective was to offer our customers a dog house built to standards similar to their home's construction standards.

For beauty and insulation value, we wanted to offer a wooden doghouse, but we didn't want it to look like the discolored cedar fence in the backyard. After some searching and investigating, we decided to offer a fully insulated all wood craftsman style dog house that will beautifully complement most pet owners' homes. In addition, it will provide a warm, inviting dwelling for the family's best friend. Our Canine Cottages are painted with Behr Premium Porch and Deck paint. This paint has the highest rating by leading consumer product testing organizations.

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Our insulated wooden doghouses are designed to appeal to a family's best friend and to the family as well. Canine Cottages are hand constructed using the same building materials used to build human houses. The siding and roof are redwood siding. On the roof, we don't use asphalt shingles that transmit heat into and out of the house. Wood is the best insulator. Wooden dog houses naturally stay much warmer in winter and much cooler in summer than plastic houses. In addition, our doghouses are fully insulated with Johns-Mansville® insulation batting on all sides. The floor, walls and roof panels are completely insulated. Included with each Canine Cottage is a poly door that lets the dog enter and leave the house while holding in the cool air in the summer and the heat in the winter. The Canine Cottages are designed with an offset door to provide shade inside the Cottage. A centered door would allow sun heating during the summer. The bottom of the wall panels is constructed of Wolmanized® treated lumber to resist rot and insects. Canine Cottages are delivered to your residence in seven panels ready for assembly with minimal tools (Note: a battery powered Phillips screwdriver is helpful, though a manual Phillips screwdriver will work).

Finally, Canine Cottages are fully primed and painted in a professional multi-step process. On each panel, all holes are filled and the panel is primed with premium latex primer. For a beautiful, even finish, the panels are then spray painted with 2 full coats of Behr® Premium Porch and Deck paint. Cottages are painted a beautiful soft white that complements every home. The roof is painted slate gray. If the customer prefers a custom color, the Canine Cottage can be painted any color chosen from Home Depot's Behr Premium Deck and Porch Standard Colors chart. Please indicate custom color choices, if desired, in the Customer Comment section of the order form. There is no additional charge for custom color choices.

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Nine Reasons To Get A Canine Cottage For Your Dog

  1. Our Canine Cottages are hand-built by experienced craftsmen.
  2. Wood is an excellent insulator, keeping you pet comfortable year round.
  3. The fiberglass insulation blocks as much as 93% of radiation (summer heat gain) and 50% to 70% of winter heat loss through the ceiling and roof. The floor, ceiling and sidewalls are all insulated. To ensure long-term durability from chewing and clawing, a sturdy 1/4" plywood liner protects the sidewall and ceiling insulation.
  4. Our framing construction is similar to the framing of your house (not your fence).
  5. A clear polyvinyl strip door is installed on each house.
  6. The roof can be removed for easy cleaning or watching of young puppies. Yet, the roof is secured at the house to prevent any wind damage.
  7. Assembly of your Canine Cottage is simple. You will receive seven pre-assembled panels, pre-drilled with the necessary screws and instructions for easy assembly. With a battery powered screwdriver, complete assembly should take 20 to 30 minutes.
  8. The Canine Cottage comes in 3 different sizes to accommodate all dogs.
  9. The comfortable, revolutionary Canine Cooler® Brand Thermo-regulating Pet Bed is available as an added option for all of our houses. These beds are dust free, anti-fungal, and non-allergenic. The bed is completely waterproof and fleas cannot penetrate its surface. This bed is great for all dogs and especially helpful for older dogs with arthritic joints.


Canine Cottage Assembly

Here are some pictures of our Hampton model being assembled

Here's the Hampton laid out and ready for assembly
And here's the assembly
  That's it!  

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